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package dorm
import (
type StringOperation struct {
db *redis.Client
func (r *RedisClient) NewStringOperation() *StringOperation {
return &StringOperation{db: r.db}
// Set 设置
func (o *StringOperation) Set(ctx context.Context, key string, value interface{}, attrs ...*OperationAttr) *StringResult {
exp := OperationAttrs(attrs).Find(AttrExpr)
if exp == nil {
exp = time.Second * 0
return NewStringResult(o.db.Set(ctx, key, value, exp.(time.Duration)).Result())
// Get 获取单个
func (o *StringOperation) Get(ctx context.Context, key string) *StringResult {
return NewStringResult(o.db.Get(ctx, key).Result())
// MGet 获取多个
func (o *StringOperation) MGet(ctx context.Context, keys ...string) *SliceResult {
return NewSliceResult(o.db.MGet(ctx, keys...).Result())
// Del 删除key操作支持批量删除
func (o *StringOperation) Del(ctx context.Context, keys ...string) *redis.IntCmd {
return o.db.Del(ctx, keys...)